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5 Reasons Why All Women Should Play Golf

Although most people believe that golf is mostly a sport for men, women have always played this sport. Furthermore, the LPGA Tour dates from older times than the PGA Tour, so it seems that the ladies have embraced this game earlier than men. The problem is that the number of female players has decreased since 1980, and the reason for that is that most women don’t know the advantages of playing golf. Here is why you should consider this amazing sport. We guarantee you that once you’ll discover what it has to offer, you’ll regret that you didn’t start earlier.

You can see it as a great opportunity for exercising

Although you might not burn the same number of calories like you would do on a treadmill, you will still break some sweat on the golf course. Giving that you may even be walking for 4 hours, you can burn up to 1,500 calories while playing a round of 18 holes of golf. Since golf is seen more as hobby rather than an extreme workout, you will be able to lose weight without noticing, so you won’t see it as an unpleasant training routine.

It represents a chance to socialize

Although golf can be used as an excuse to connect professionally, it can also represent a chance to gather with friends and meet new people. Furthermore, golf is one of the sports that offer you enough time to talk with your partners about anything during a complete round. So, joining a golf club and creating connections with other members is a great idea at any age.

It gets you outdoors

Playing golf allows you to enjoy the outdoors, so it is more relaxing than any other activity. Moreover, there is nothing more refreshing than breathing fresh air and being out in the sunshine. So, forget about spending time in enclosed areas, and try to stay as much as you can around trees and greenery.

You get to travel a lot

Another great advantage that women can get by playing golf is that they get to see new places and discover wonderful locations. Giving the large number of golf courses in the world, playing this game is the best solution for combining sport and travel. You will have the possibility to see beautiful landscapes, and break the monotony of a normal life.

Learning to compete

The best reason why women should learn golf is that they will learn to compete and accomplish great things. There is nothing more satisfying than achieving a good score, and seeing that all your hard works finally pays results. If you want to improve your game, we recommend you to try a golf rangefinder. In order to choose the best model, read the reviews on Golf rangefinders are great when it comes to obtaining the precise distance to a target, and selecting an adequate club for your shot. Therefore, this type of devices can help you lower your scores and become a better golfer.