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Balancing Motherhood with a Career

Where should you draw the line between career and personal life and where to start? Many of us forget to live our lives, choosing to lose ourselves between deadlines and dusty files. If you’re trying to learn how to balance motherhood with a career, follow these 6 tips.

1. Don’t bring problems related to work at home, and vice-versa

Imagine living two lives simultaneously: in the first one you’re professional and you can handle anything. In the second you are a warm and loving woman, who passionately kisses her husband and reads good-night stories to their children. If these two personalities meet your life will become a nightmare! Your children will not sleep better if you tell them the story of your day at work, and neither your husband will be too glad if he hears about all your work related problems during dinner.

2. During the work program, focus only on job responsibilities

In general you like to be helpful. If someone has a problem you’re the first person he calls. It’s great to have such a person in sight, but it is difficult to be yourself in this position. When you are short of time, let others solve their own problems. You must respectfully refuse and solve your own problems because they are your priority!

3. Try to be the best at your job

If you want to have a successful career, you have to be the best in your field! Set your goals as high as possibles. If you want to become head chief of your company, come to terms with the idea that you will not see your children as much as you wish and they will stay longer with a nanny or their father. If you want to develop your career, but also to see your children daily after 8 hours, then avoid jobs where you are required to work or travel more.

4. Try to be the best mother

To feel truly fulfilled, you must find a way to balance motherhood with a career. It is wonderful to be taken as an example in your field, but you will never be happy if you can not share your success with the ones you love! At least one day per week should be entirely devoted to family. If for some reason you can not have free time on Sunday, just take any other day at work.

5. Educate your child

Children should learn early that parents need a job where they get money for daily existence and where they can develop normally as adults. When your child is climbing on furniture and you have to complete an important task for work, calm him down. Explain calmly that you have other responsibilities and you can’t complete them if you have to run after him. Try to keep him busy with less hazardous activities which do not require you to focus your entire attention on him.

6. One word: energy!

How do you think you can wake up an hour earlier in the morning to prepare breakfast for your little ones and go two to three hours later to work, if you don’t have the energy needed? You know best how much rest you need. Some people only need four hours of sleep, but others manage to regain their energy in six to seven hours. Do not try to push the boundaries more than necessary!