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Cool Gadgets for Women

Nowadays, professional women are just as dependent on gadgets as men. We can not say that a smart phone is addressed only to men, it is as useful to women too, but the difference can be just purely aesthetic. Furthermore, here are 7 cool gadgets for women.

Parrot Flower Power

Every women likes to have beautiful flowers in her house. But not everyone has time or knows how to take care of them and when to water them. FlowerPower Parrot is an intelligent gadget that constantly monitors the plants. All you have to do is to stick it in the ground and then an application will show you exactly when to water your plants.

Bluetooth Pillow

This gadget is perfect for a well-deserved rest after a day of work. Although it looks like a regular pillow, the Bluetooth Pillow has integrated speakers and can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Thus, you can fall asleep listening to your favorite songs and in the alarm will wake you up more easily. The volume is not very strong, to not damage hearing and offer you a good night sleep.

MyKronoz ZeFit

Many cool gadgets for women feature devices that can be of help in any situation. For example, ZeFit is a fitness bracelet that monitors how many hours you slept, how many calories you’ve burned and keeps track of your steps and the distance travelled. It features a single button with which you can check your daily activity results.

Playbulb candle

You can control the color and intensity of light with the help of an application for smart phone. You can turn it out just like a regular candle (blowing into it) and doing, it will emanate a subtle scent and trigger a pleasant atmosphere so you can have a pleasant dream.

Usb Heating Lunch Box

Forget about processed foods heated in a microwave or about cold sandwiches. From now on, you can warm up your favorite food at the office. The lunch box connects to your computer via USB and sends a message to the desktop when the food is heated at the right temperature in order to be consumed. It saves time and this way you can eat healthier.

MIP Robot

Cool gadgets for women can be both functional and fun. MIP was born in 2014, has blue eyes, he’s 25.5 cm, the first of his race and yes, he’s a robot. He follows you around the house, he can carry its own body weight, and besides that, he has 5 unique and interesting features: motion, dancing, tracking, walking, doing tricks and playing.

Model Mirror

It’s a real nightmare to try to fix your makeup when the light is bad. Model Mirror is durable, compact and very light. This elegant mirror has a strong LED light which offers you a great help when it comes to powder up your nose. Furthermore, it has a second mirror with 2x magnification, so to not miss any detail!