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Easy Nail Designs for Beginners

All girls wish they could do nail art designs just like manicure specialists, but the thought of failure stops us from trying to explore new possibilities. However, things are not as difficult as they seem, if you have proper guidance. On we found some great articles which provide both inspiration and guidance. From all the ideas presented there, we have selected a few models which are perfect for beginners. We guarantee you that once you’ll see how fast and easy you can enhance your nails, you will never waste money on going to a beauty salon again.

Polka dots designs

Polka dots are very easy to make, but if you want to ensure that they will come out perfectly, we advise yo to use a bobby pin to apply them. For a sophisticated touch, use tape to draw a diagonal line, and enhance this zigzag pattern with polka dots. Furthermore, you can use reinforcement stickers to make a half-moon design, and turn polka dots into the focus point of your nails. Since gold continues to be a fashionable color this year, you should use a gold polish to follow the trends. Still, if you are not a big fan of this color tone, you can use red or purple glitter to add a sparkly touch to your aspect.

Turquoise and Gold Stone nail art

Giving that not everyone knows complex techniques to coat nails beautifully, you should get creative and use easy nail designs for beginners. Making a Turquoise and Gold Stone nail design has never been easier with the following trick: use a piece of crumpled plastic to apply gold polish after you have applied a layer of turquoise polish on your nails. All you need to do now is wait for your manicure to dry, and you are ready to go.

Fishnet manicure look

Although it might seem complex art, creating this nail design is simpler than you expected. While certain styles need lots of practice, this manicure aspect doesn’t require any skills. All you have to do is use a loofah, a netting, a matte black polish and a silver glitter. Take note that you can make your own matte polish by adding a little black eye shadow into a clear nail varnish. In order to create a two-tone manicure look, you must start by painting your nails black and allow them to dry just a little bit. Next, you need to place the netting over your nails, and use the loofah to sprinkle glitter over your nails. Apply a layer of top coat and you are done creating one of the easy nail designs for beginners.