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Eyelash Growth Serum

Long and arched eyelashes are generally associated with femininity. Some of us are lucky enough to have natural long lashes from mother nature. But for those who have thin and rare eyelashes, an eyelash growth serum is often the best solution. Before purchasing one, keep in mind some important aspects regarding an eyelash serum.

How to choose an eyelash growth serum?

The best way to choose a good eyelash growth serum from a long list is to read different eyelash growth serum customer reviews to get an idea of the product in question. You will see if you like it or not or if it gives desirable results. In addition, many reviews come with before and after photos, which will help you know if the product gives good results.
If you’re allergic to some synthetic ingredients or to an herbal component, then it’s indicated to search for the list of ingredients of each serum. Fortunately, most of the eyelash growth serum reviews contain the types of ingredients a product has. Therefore, you will know what products to avoid, in order to keep away from any harmful effects.
Women who have tried out a lash serum have been compelled to share their opinions on internet forums or on beauty blogs. In general, the responses have been positive. However, be careful as some “reviews” are actually advertisements. When reading eyelash growth serum customer reviews on buying platforms such as Amazon also read the profile of the people who reviewed the product and see whether or not they reviewed other products as well. If they haven’t, chances are the accounts are fake and only used for advertisement.

Natural eyelash growth serum vs. Artificial eyelash growth serum

When it comes to choosing an eyelash growth serum, it’s better to opt for the ones which contain natural ingredients. Those which promise faster results but are filled with chemicals have many side effects. Your eyes are the most sensitive part of the face so, if you choose the wrong serum, you might actually do more harm to them and to your eyelashes. The natural eyelash growth serums take more time than the artificial ones but they show results by working within your body.
A good serum contains natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones. The quality of a serum is usually indicated by the herbal components it contains, such as olive oil, Ricinus oil, almond oil or avocado oil. The natural oils prevent lash hair from being damaged and from falling off.

The benefits of an eyelash growth serum

For lashes with a shorter life cycle, it is recommended to take care of them with nourishing serums. According to the formulas, these daily treatments strengthen and fortify the fiber (to make them more resistant), stimulate growth and prolong their lifespan.
Eyelash serums improve the overall health of your eyelashes. Not only you will get longer lashes but the follicles of the lashes will get stronger. A serum will also prevent the dehydration of the eyelashes, a result of mascara use.
No matter how delicate, short or thin your eyelashes are, the revolutionary formula of a serum contributes not only to their growth, but also to the appearance of fuller and darker eyelashes. This formula can also be used if you have false eyelashes.
The serum is accompanied by a very fine brush, a special applicator, with which you should apply a small amount to the lashes in the morning or the evening. One application per day is sufficient for great results.