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Fashion Street Style

Matching different items from your wardrobe might seem easy, but when you make the wrong choices, you risk to leave your house wearing a disastrous outfit. Layering and combining the wrong items can ruin your entire appearance, so you should always search for inspiration when trying to create a trendy look. Here are some fashion street style ideas that will help you achieve a simple, but gorgeous image.

Get inspired by celebrities

Miranda Kerr is one of the celebrities who impress with their natural beauty, but unlike other stars that have been spotted wearing awful combinations of clothes, she amazes with an incredible fashion street style. Miranda shows us that you don’t have to try too hard to achieve a fabulous look, as sometimes, all it takes to stand out from the crowd is a simple dress in a bold color tone. A dress with a deep slit can add more interest to your aspect, so if you want to avoid a dull look, you should follow one of the latest trends of 2015, and buy a slit dress. Furthermore, the secret to Miranda’s stunning appearance is that she decided to match her dress with sandals in a contrasting color. This trick is great for making colors look brighter than they actually are, and to add more life to an outfit. However, keep in mind to choose accessories in neutral colors, because otherwise, you might end up creating an outfit that is too chaotic.

Combine casual denim with glamorous pieces

Matching tops and jeans are anything but outdated. However, if you want to add a glamorous touch to your image, you should pair your double denim outfit with a fabulous, statement cape. A floor-length chic coat can add a special charm to a dull look, so we advise you to create a dramatic effect by taking your classic denim to a more trendy territory. Take note that your hair plays an important role in recreating this outstanding look, so try to style it in a classy way.  Statement earrings are perfect for completing a glamorous look.

Copy the Parisian look

The art of Parisian fashion street style consists of hair disheveled in an artistic way, and a wardrobe that includes perfectly tailored clothes. Therefore, if you are searching for a way to look stylish while feeling comfortable, you can opt for a high-waisted pair of pants, a beige top, a black jacket and flats. This polished mix of items which don’t feature any busy patterns is very refreshing to look at.