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Hide Your Belly and Side Fat – Dressing Smartly – What to Wear

Some women are luckier as they stay slim no matter what they eat, or have more time – and ambition – to keep a perfect figure through exercise and dieting right, while others struggle with belly and side fat that seems to limit their wardrobe choices. We say seems because with the right guidance when it comes to fashion choices, you too can look gorgeous and make it seem like you have flashboard abs, not having to feel ashamed that your muffin top might show when you walk down the street. It’s all about dressing smart, making the right fashion choices to cover up these physical flaws and flaunt a confident attitude that will make you look even sexier.

Undergarments save the day

Before you start putting together your look for the day, you have to pick your lingerie, and as unimportant as it may seem, it actually plays a crucial role in your final image, so don’t neglect this first step. When you pick your undergarments, your goal should be to compress the abdominal area and hide your belly and side fat, an easily achievable target if you make the right choices when you shop for lingerie.

  • Tip: Don’t wear underwear that is too tight as not only will it discomfort you, but it will create extra cuts that can be seen through clothing, making those pesky love handles look even bigger.

Colors and patterns that help trim down fat

  • Colors: Your best pick would be single-color clothing as a sense of uniformity is visually created, better hiding that excess fat. While dark colors are the best choice to go with as they fool the eye and hide flaws, the darker the better, black being the ultimate pick, it doesn’t mean that you are completely limited as you can wear pastels just as easily as long as the cut of the clothes is in your advantage. Some of your best pastel picks are pistachio, cream, pale pink, and beige.
  • Patterns: Stripes, vertical ornaments, and patterns are your best friends as they make you seem taller and fitter. However, when you wear stripes, make sure they aren’t too wide as this will actually be in your detriment, making you visually bigger. What you should actually go for are narrow and frequent stripes.

Highlight your small waist

Your waist, in comparison to your hips, is probably a lot smaller, and if you want to dress smart and look fitter than you actually are, your waist is the part of your body you should highlight. Wear high-waist bottoms that prevent the unnatural divide between your hips and waist than normal pants create. The bottoms should sit at or just above the belly button, and it’s preferable for their waistbands to be thicker and sit higher at the back than the front.

Choose loose over tight

It’s more than obvious that tight clothes will highlight all the imperfections of your shape, so as much as you can, stay away from them. Instead, you should opt for layers that don’t highlight the waist and the hips, your problem areas. Loose is better, overall, and this is the fashion tip you should always remember when you go clothes shopping, no matter if you are looking at dresses, tops, pants, or any other attire piece.

Draw attention to other body parts

You might be a bit larger in size and not have perfect abs, but this doesn’t mean that your other body parents aren’t highlight-worthy. Some women have long, gorgeous legs, while others have big breasts, and it’s in your interest to accentuate what God gave you to draw the attention away from those small physical flaws. Women with legs up to their necks should go for dresses, obviously, while women with big chests should wear revealing yet tasteful V-neck style clothing to show off their lovely lady lumps. A famous example of dressing to cover the fat while putting an accent on the cleavage tastefully is Christina Hendricks, the “Mad Men” redhead who showed us all that beauty doesn’t only come in S size.

Other attire tips and tricks to look slim

  • Heels are your best friend if you want to look slim overall, so integrate them in as many types of attire as you can. Of course, you should avoid them if you don’t know how to walk in heels and can’t seem to get the hang of it, or you will end up looking ridiculous instead of sexy.
  • Slouching accentuates belly fat, so you should practice proper posture at all times when you walk or sit down. Not only will keeping a right posture help diminish the unpleasant look of excess fat around the abdomen, but your health will benefit as well as you won’t experience back pain anymore.
  • Accessorize colorfully and large, wear statement necklaces and big earrings, basically drawing attention on the jewelry you wear instead of the way your clothes hug your core.
  • Whenever you can, integrate cardigans in your attire as these clothing pieces create a vertical line that straightens the body and intelligently hides love handles.