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High Paying Careers for Women

In the work field, wage differences still exist between men and women; they vary depending on the country or the current economic situation. In most places, women are paid less than men for most of the jobs. However there are also many high paying careers for women. Here’s a top 6.

1. Pharmacist

It is considered to be the highest paid profession for women. According to the study, they earn, on average, more than half (52%) than men. It is considered to be the most appreciated. Moreover, the demand on the labor market will continue to grow in the coming period, with the creation of new jobs by 2020. So, although it looks like being a pharmacist is one of the high paying careers for women it is also a job that requires intense training and a high degree.


Surprisingly, the second most paid job for women is in the law field. Women have an average annual income of $ 124.750. The list of female lawyers is very long, but for the ones that really succeeds, the gains are substantial. It is obviously essential to have a lot of experience and good oratory skills.

3. Chief Executive

It’s one of the high paying careers for women. Women who work in this field reach revenues of 1,811$ per week or about $94,172 per year. However, women hold only 21% of these positions and earn 31% less than men, a difference of $ 656 weekly. Many factors such as education, experience, location, industry and firm size are taken into account and lead to a fairly large gap that is not explained by discrimination.

4. Software developer

Women working in this field have an average income of $ 1.388 per week. However, women represent only 18 and 20% of employees in this area. Such work areas provide many employment opportunities, and women should be encouraged to access them.

5. Anesthetist

When women began to choose this career, they earned $ 50,000 a year less than men who had the same job. In 2009 anesthesiologist women earned $ 310.620 per year to $ 365.062, the same as anesthesiologist men earned. It should be noted that anesthetists doctors invest a lot of time and money in their professional training.

6. Architect

When it comes to high paying careers for woman, not many women choose to work in this field. However, the average weekly reach an income of $ 1,734. An architect can earn up to $ 90,168 per year. Only 6% of women are architects.