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How to Plan a Small Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Once the engagement is official, you must choose the wedding date and decide what kind of wedding you want and where you want it to happen. However, this task is not easy. Here are some few important tips on how to plan a small wedding.

The guests

When it comes to knowing how to plan a small wedding, as a rule, the family always comes first. However, the situation is very delicate, because everyone is waiting to be invited. You must inform relatives that the wedding will be small and intimate, because they do not mind if they are not invited. As a rule, the parents and siblings must be found on the guest list. Optionally, you can ask for children under the age of 12 to not to be present.
Do not invite only your close aunts and uncles because if you let someone of the family uninvited, you will hurt their feelings and this problem can affect the harmony of family in the future.
Of course, you can invite your best friend. But your former roommate with whom you spoke only a few times a year should not be invited. When you announce friends and acquaintances, always make sure to mention that you have a small wedding, so that they do not feel bad if you do not receive a wedding invitation.

The location

There are many places where you can organize a small wedding, but the newlyweds have to choose the place according to their expectations. A wedding in a small place brings your relatives and close friends together. Thus, it is essential that you choose a large space to accommodate all of them and to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. To do this, a restaurant may be a good option, your courtyard or terrace. The harmony in family is one important element to keep in mind when it comes to knowing how to plan a small wedding
It is important that everyone is comfortable and that everyone can happily enjoy this unique moment. The decor is also essential because it helps to give a romantic touch to the event.

The decor

If you’re trying to learn how to plan a small wedding, follow this next tip. Make a themed wedding. You can give your wedding a specific note, especially since there are few guests and you can organize things better. For example,”the festival of flowers”. You could have all sorts of flowers where the wedding will take place. Also, as a requirement of participating in the wedding, each guest will have to hold a flower of their choice. It may be a good idea especially if you want to have your wedding in spring. If you want to know how to plan a small wedding, but you have a small budget you can save money on decorations made on your own. You can also print the invitations at home.