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How to Wear Statement Necklaces

A statement necklace is an impressive accessory that has the power to radically transform an outfit and change your look. But, for a whole outfit to be successful, you have to know how to wear statement necklaces so that you take full advantage of the impact it has on your appearance.
Here are the 5 most popular styles.

1. Black outfit + statement necklace

Black looks good on everyone, in every situation. With a wardrobe full of black clothes you will never say “I have nothing to wear.” However, black can be quite monotonous.
Whether it’s worn with a dress, a shirt or an entirely black outfit, a statement necklace will stand out and shine brighter. And you will be the star of the evening. Choose a statement necklace in bright colors as an accessory to a little black dress or a simple button-up blouse.

2.White + statement necklace

If you are trying to learn how to wear statement necklaces, keep in mind that a bold necklace can also have a great impact on a basic piece of clothing, such as a white t shirt. The classic white shirt can be accessorized with a gold or silver statement necklace to create a great look. If you are more conservative and you need to wear office clothes, choose a simpler statement necklace in pastel tones. A dull outfit consisting of a white shirt and a black pencil skirt can (be) easily be enriched and transformed into a modern outfit with a statement necklace. The necklace will become the centerpiece of your outfit.

3. Casual clothes + Statement necklace

Statement jewelry can be worn with jeans and sweaters. A casual attire should not be deprived of style and a statement necklace may be just what you need to make a special outfit.
The opulence and oversize of statement necklaces gives them a degree of preciousness that turns them into accessories difficult to combine with casual clothes. Because the upper part of the outfit is enhanced by a statement necklace, you should opt for a simple top in a neutral color or a basic white T-shirt(, it’s ideal for a bolder necklace). Do not be afraid to combine bright colors with other bright colors.

4. Chic clothes + statement necklace

How to get a chic outfit by accessorizing with a statement necklace? It’s easy. Do not forget the stars of fashion items this season: boots, leggings, leather mini skirts and shirts in neon shades or bright colors (green, purple, orange, blue). A great tip on how to wear statement necklaces with chic, stylish clothes is to not be afraid to combine a bold colorful necklace with a bold pattern.What you have to do is find a necklace to match the outfit and you’re ready to go.

5. Elegant clothes + statement necklace.

Another way to wear a statement necklace is with an elegant outfit on a special occasion. Many women choose wearing statement necklaces with these type of outfits. But chosen uninspired, with a different style from that of the clothing or simply inappropriate to your personality, the statement necklace will have the opposite effect to that desired. A true star of the catwalk is the maxi dress, which is a great choice for important and extravagant events. Maxi length dictates this season a new way to approach the concept of elegance. To have the look of a star on the red carpet, accessorize a maxi dress with a statement necklace.