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Light Brown Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone

Light brown is a great hair color choice that complements many face shapes, complexion shades, and eye colors. We did some digging around in order to see which are the latest hair coloring trends and we found some great ideas on Whether you have light brown hair and you want to enhance its color or you are looking for some subtle hair color ideas for brunettes, here are some light brown hair color ideas that will definitely make you shine.

Play with colors and shades to achieve glossy light brown hair color ideas

There are many ways to achieve a light brown hair color using hair dye, since there are available hundreds of silky and glossy shades, from cinnamon to latte and chocolate milk, all designed to make you want to try them on. If you have never dyed your hair, you can try ammonia-free hair dyes that are gentle with the hair and offer you a natural shine, even if for a shorter amount of time. There are many ways to obtain the desired color, all you have to do is decide which light brown hair color ideas suit you best.

Honey beige and wheat

If you have light to medium warm skin tone, a shade of subtle honey beige embraced by wheat blonde highlights will look great on you. If your natural hair is only a tone or two darker than this light brown hair color idea, you will not have problems in achieving this delicious shade.

Shiny caramel

When you think of caramel, you think of the glossy, creamy filling inside bonbons, and this is exactly how your hair will look if you choose to inspire from caramel light brown hair color ideas. Medium light skin tone is perfect for this shade, and brown hair will easily reach the perfect level of color. Your hair will look and feel rich and shiny, with a subtle depth that will offer it a natural aspect.

Coppery browns

Mixing different tones of various colors are excellent light brown hair color ideas, especially if you have light and warm skin. Adding a touch of copper to your light brown hair make it look fabulous. To make sure the red and orange tones will last on your hair use a special shampoo and conditioner to protect the shine and the vibrant color.

Chocolate with cream

This is one of the best hair color ideas for brunettes who want a softer look. What better start point than a delicious shade of chocolate brown? The base of sweet milk chocolate with strands of cream will look delicious on you if you have light to medium skin and brown hair two or three tones different from the hair color idea. Decide how thick you want the creamy highlights to be and play with dimensions.