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Practical Gifts for Special Men

Choosing a gift for men can often be a challenge for many women. When you offer a gift, no matter the occasion, you want it to be practical and appreciated. As a general rule, men are very fond of gadgets. As such, we advise you to check out some black friday shopping tips as that is usually the best time of the year for buying gadgets and other tech devices.  Here are some practical gifts ideas for your boyfriend, your father or another special man in your life:

1. Finger Holder for Phone/Accessories

If your husband goes through the same routine every morning searching for his phone, keys and watch you can help him with this useful gift. The multifunctional fingers will keep his headphones, watch, keys, sunglasses and other small accessories he needs in place.
The fingers are made of silicone and are very bendable. It is a gift that your husband can use it at the office.

2. Multifunctional holder

Since multifunctional holders are so appreciated, we offer you another alternative. This phone holder can be used in his car, bike, office, etc. Your boyfriend will always have his phone with him. Therefore, when he drives and he needs to use the GPS he can use this useful holder. This little guy is such a versatile accessory. It even turns into a door stopper. It’s not expensive, so you can even save money to buy him a second gift.

3. An influential book

This is the type of gift that few young men would appreciate but it is definitely a great gift for a father. So, if your father likes to spend his free time reading, then a book is a great gift for him. Our first recommendation is “The Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison(2012). The Daily Telegraph described it as “one of the most influential novels of the twentieth century” and Esquire magazine introduced it as  “an epic in the old style”. Our second recommendation is an absolute bestseller. “Think and Grow Rich. Second Edition “by Napoleon Hill is one of the best-selling books of all time. If your boyfriend wants to start a business, then this is a great gift to offer.

4. Electric shaver

Some of you might have a boyfriend who uses the same old electric shaver that they’ve had for years, refusing to buy a new one. You can research the latest models on and find the perfect shaver for him. However, make sure to find a quality razor that will not be a shock compared to what he usually uses. Or even better, find out what brand he is currently using, and purchase the upgrade. You can opt for a rotary shaver, such as the Remington R8 WETech Lithium Rotary Shaver.

5. USB Mini Fridge

This is a great gift for someone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer. This USB mini fridge has a cool design and can keep your beverage chilled. It’s basically a refrigerator in miniature.
And it’s so simple to use! Simply connect the device to a USB port and you will have your favorite drink up to 20 degrees cooler than room temperature. Moreover, if your boyfriend has to leave somewhere urgently, he can take it with him in the car and connect the device via USB power outlet.

6. Gorillapod

If your boyfriend is passionate about photography and likes to take photos of landscapes, buy him a Gorillapod. You’ll probably spend a little more, but it’s definitely worthy. You can be a responsible person and shop for his gift in advance. Look for some black friday shopping tips in order to learn how to benefit from the best deals online and maybe you will be able to get the Gorillapod with a big discount. The Gorillapod is a practical camera tripod for photographers on the go. It serves all the functions of a regular camera tripod but it’s very flexible; therefore you have endless possibilities: wrap it around a tree branch, a pole, a fence, a bench, etc.