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Signs of Womens Health Issues

Womens health issues might appear due to various factors, but the key to solving them is to identify the symptoms which indicate a problem. Changes in women’s bodies might be a sign of illness, so the secret to maintaining a healthy life is to pay attention to your body, and discover the differences which might show that something is wrong. Some changes can seem normal, but in many cases, they mark the beginning of a dangerous disease.

Breast changes

Breast changes shouldn’t be neglected, as they can represent signs of cancer. Although not all breast lumps are cancer, you should always have them checked by your doctor. In order to find out if there are any problems to worry about, your physician will analyze your medical history, and he will perform a physical exam to discover any anomalies. A mammogram, or a biopsy might be performed to remove a small tissue from your breast for tests. Here are the signs of womens health issues which can indicate breast cancer:

  • skin shirring or wrinkling around the nipples;
  • nipples turning inwards;
  • nipple eruption;
  • exfoliation of the nipples;
  • redness of the breast skin.

Gynecological changes

Vaginal bleeding and unusual discharge may be the result of infections that don’t actually represent a real danger to your health. However, these disorders need medical attention in order to prevent the appearance of more serious dysfunctions, including kidney damage and infertility. Gynecological changes might be mistaken by urological problems, so you should consult your doctor before trying to treat the problem yourself. So, you should see your physician if you experience:

  • discomfort or pain during sex;
  • unusual vaginal bleeding between periods, or during and after sexual intercourse;
  • increased discharge with an abnormal odor and color;
  • frequent urination with a burning sensation;
  • itching, redness and swelling in the genital area;
  • sores in the vaginal area.

Chest pains

Chest pains can be caused by many factors, including a hard workout, anger, or finding out bad news. Therefore, if you get the sensation of a heartburn, or a strong squeezing feel, you should consider getting checked for heart problems. Periodically, women under 45 years old have a heart attack. Although the chances are that some chest pains are caused by peppered food and a bad diet, the risk of a heart disease should not be overlooked. So, don’t neglect these signs, because they can warn you about many womens health issues, including a heart attack:

  • pressure around the chest area;
  • fatigue and stress;
  • throat discomfort and pain;
  • shortness of breath.

Regular check-ups are essential if you care for your health. If you are ever confronted with an unpleasant result, repeat the tests, preferably with another doctor. It always pays to ask for a second opinion if you want to avoid having to deal with a medical malpractice claim. There have been numerous cases of misdiagnosis, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t trust doctors altogether. Just because you don’t want to find yourself filling a medical malpractice claim, this doesn’t mean that you must avoid doctors at all costs. On the contrary, if you periodically check your health and you ask for second opinions, you will be able to prevent any illness or at least treat it before it gets the change to get serious.