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Weight Loss Workouts for Women

You already know that any weight loss diet must be supplemented with plenty of sport. Unfortunately, not all women have the time and money to go to the gym. Here are some effective weight loss workouts for women.

1. Swimming

Calories burned – about 800 / h
Swimming is one of the best exercises among weight loss workouts for women because it trains almost all the muscles of the body. Besides, swimming has positive psychological effects. It is a pleasant activity since the muscles are put in motion without adding any more weight. Additionally, swimming is good for the heart and lungs. Another important aspect is that swimming fights cellulite and improves the appearance of skin.

2. Step aerobics

Calories burned – about 800 / h
Step aerobics is an aerobic style that involves the use of an elevated platform. The move is similar to climbing stairs, but it ensures an increased heart rate, so this exercise is a great cardio workout. It acts mostly on the lower parts of your body, such as the legs, the buttocks, and the thighs. If you manage to do this workout an hour a day, you’ll get visible results in just two weeks.

3. Rowing

Calories burned – up to 500 / h
Among weight loss workouts for women, using the rowing machine is an excellent cardio exercise that will tone the muscles of the legs and arm in a short time. Plus, it’s a great workout for those who want to get a flat stomach without extraordinary efforts.

4. Dancing

Calories burned – between 600 and 800 / h
Dancing trains your entire body and sculpts your silhouette in a very nice way. Besides, it is a great way to relax when you have little free time. You can practice at home on your favorite music, you can go to specialized courses or with friends in the club. For visible results, try to dance for an hour every day.

5. Walking

Calories burned – about 360 / h
It is an effective cardio exercise. Many doctors recommend walking for at least 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t require any special equipment and it can be done at any age, anywhere and has no contradictions. To make walking even more rewarding, trainers advise you to wear weighted clothing that adds weight and forces your body to burn more calories. The top tests state that weight vests or arm and leg weights increase the endurance and provide a more intense workout even when you are simply walking. For more advantages and health benefits of weighted clothing, you can peruse the reports at and learn more about how these items can aid you in losing weight.

6. Cycling

Calories burned – between 500 and 1000 / h
When it comes to the best weight loss workouts for women, cycling is not only a good exercise but it can become very addictive. Furthermore, it is an extremely gratifying exercise when done outdoors with friends. Depending on the speed of pedaling, cycling can get rid of a lot of calories.

7. Jogging

Calories Burned – up to 600 / h
Whether you run in the park or in the gym, on a treadmill, with this exercise you can quickly get rid of extra pounds and cellulite. Therefore, it is ideal for anyone who wants to stay healthy and look good. It does not require spending too much money, because it can be done anywhere – in the park, on the beach or in a stadium. However, it is advisable to invest in a quality pair of running shoes, specially designed for this activity. In this way, you avoid potential problems with joints and you will protect the ankles. If time is of the essence, invest in a good treadmill, so that you can exercise whenever your schedule allows it, without wasting time going to the gym. On you can find some excellent reviews that can help you decide which would be the best treadmill model for your needs.